It is important that we ensure a healthy product for our customers. We have established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) which allow us to meet the Food Safety standards required by major name supermarkets and the Federal Government. Awareness has risen in the wake of food-borne illness outbreaks in the agricultural and meatpacking industries. Our packinghouse is inspected yearly by a third party auditor to ensure that we follow all required rules and regulations to prevent contamination. Areas of concern are general cleanliness of the facility and packing equipment, proper workers’ sanitation, updated cleaning and maintenance logs, and safe handling techniques. J.P. Sullivan is a leader in the field with private (SCS) and federal (USDA GAP) certifications which allow for export in the United Kingdom and Canada, and distribution to major supermarkets at home. J.P. Sullivan meets all the standards necessary to pack and distribute produce domestically and abroad.

Traceability, to track an apple from the orchard to the store shelf, is a provision that allows us to account for our product and its safety. Each box we pack is encoded with a serial number identifying the grower, the pack date, the orchard block it came from, all the information needed to trace the apple back to our packinghouse on that date in case of a recall or concern. This technology will significantly reduce and help identify any outbreak or contamination, and quick enough to contain any contaminated fruit before it is put on the shelves.