In the Northeast, we are privileged to have the best land for growing McIntosh, Empire and Cortland apples. The blend of soil and topography make for ideal growing conditions as the season transitions from hot summer to cool autumn. Apples are picked at their optimum starch index and carried by truck to Ayer, MA for packing.

We offer early varieties like Jonamac, Paula Red, Ginger Gold, Gala, along with more specialty strands like Honeycrisp, Fuji and Golden Delicious.

The apples arrive from the orchard in large bushel bins that are dumped into a chlorine bath to clean any residue or bacteria from the apple. It is then washed, waxed, sorted for defects and graded for color. A worker then packs it into a corrugated box according to size and grade. Each box is labeled with our company Yankee brand and given a barcode providing traceable information for the customer when it arrives at its future destination. We pack to fill orders small and large, domestic and export, commercial and individual.